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Bio-Ray Knee Guard

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Bio-Ray Knee Guard Empty Bio-Ray Knee Guard

Post by paikah on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:47 pm

Bio-Ray knee guards available on the market claim to emit bio ray energy to improve blood and oxygen circulation. What is the efficacy of such knee guards?


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Bio-Ray Knee Guard Empty Re: Bio-Ray Knee Guard

Post by Mr Jack on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:49 am

It is a simple question that generates a complex answer. Smile

Firstly, to understand the claim to emit bioray energy to improve blood and oxygen circulation, we will need to understand what is the ingredient that the product has.

I researched more about the product and related ingredient.
plus others.

My summary as follows (it would be better coming from a materals engineer expert).

1. The active ingredient that the product has is "bio-ceramic"

2. How it is woven into the product is probably explained in this

Far Infrared fiber refers to fiber that 'emits' far infrared rays. Our Far Infrared (FIR) Fiber is made from 95% polypropylene and 5% special lead-free ceramics utilizing our patented technologies. The ceramic is the key for 'emitting' the far infrared rays.

The ceramic that 'emits' FIR is commonly called bio-ceramic. Bio-Ceramic is made from many different kind of ceramics mixed with mineral oxides, likes Silica Oxide (SiO2), etc. The mixture is heated together at 1600 degrees centigrade to form the FIR emitting ceramic. After cooling down, it becomes the lead free, bio-ceramic with FIR emitting properties.

The bio-ceramic is then ground into micro particles in nano scale and inseminated into polypropylene during the polypropylene fiber forming process. The fiber is then stretched, twisted and made into various forms for various needs. Unlike soaking or coating process, with the insemination process, the bio-ceramic particles stay inside of the fiber and they cannot be dropped from washing. Because the bio-ceramic particles are in nano scale; they are so small and can stay inside the fiber no matter how thin it is...

......It is a well-known fact that human body constantly emits thermo energy. When the bio-ceramic is stimulated by the thermo energy of human body, it converts it into the far infrared rays and reflects it back into the human body. So the far infrared ray emitted by the far infrared fiber is really powered by our own body and there are no known side effects."

In a nut shell, it just absorbed the heat from our body and reflect back into the skin.

3. If the material does the above, heat do generate blood circulation and also provide increased flow of oxygen supply (via increased circulation)

4. So what is the efficacy of such knee guards? As any literature would share there will always be people who benefits and those who don't. Some would also improve by "just thinking it works"

5. For physiotherapy aspect, many clinicians has moved away from infra-red technology to improve pain and musculoskeletal conditions. This is due to the growing evidence that such technology does not help to improve the clinical conditions.

6. Personally, i have received anecdotes of heat therapy that people do feel relieve after applying heat, with improved movement and reduction of stiffness. While many people know that they cannot reverse aging, like reversing many growing old related problems, but many seeks to find ways to reduce their pain and improve function. Therefore, if it is not too expensive for the individual or harmful to the body, there is no harm just trying it out!.

7. It would be good to add that this product is NOT a one solution cures all. It is also important to complement with other lifestyle changes including diet, exercises, etc.. cheers

Disclaimer: If you have any question about your condition or treatment please consult your doctor or relevant healthcare professional. I am offering a personal opinion and not meant to diagnose medical conditions, offer medical advice, or endorse specific products or services.
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Mr Jack
Mr Jack

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Bio-Ray Knee Guard Empty Informative!

Post by paikah on Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:40 pm

Thanks for your informative answer!


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Bio-Ray Knee Guard Empty Re: Bio-Ray Knee Guard

Post by Sponsored content

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